Gaia Priestess Drummers

The Gaia Priestess Drummers are currently 4 members of the Gaia Festival community who meet in circle to practice ritual and sacred drumming using mostly frame drums. The all-women drumming group was formed in 2010 by Kris Oster to participate in Gaia Festival’s closing ritual, but will continue way beyond that!

Kris Katsuko Oster

Drumming for Nemetona, r.s. thurston photography

Current Drummers:

  • Nicky LaFleur
  • Kris Oster
  • Nancy Oster
  • Jo Williams
The Gaia Priestess Drummers will perform for the first time at the closing ceremony of Gaia Festival on 11/14/10 with drummers/musicians Miranda Rondeau and Judy Piazza. The group will play Rondeau’s compositions, “The Element Song” and “Everywhere I Turn.”

Laura Eliseo, Lisa Beck and Sara Munro will round out the ceremony with a beautiful Sacred Goddess dance.

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