Gaia Festival 2010

Panzumo, Lisa Beck and Budhi Harlow

Panzumo brings Rhythm, Dance, and Song to the Santa Barbara and surrounding communities through classes and workshops, performances, and recordings. Their mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages through music and dance.

Miranda Rondeau

Miranda Rondeau is a singer, songwriter, musician, frame drum artist and teacher. She contributes a unique expression in the frame drum community. Using voice and frame drum as the lead instruments, she weaves in her own vocal improvisational chants in a language of her own. Her vocal style bypasses the intellect, is devotional and invoking in nature.

Vince Chafin

Vince Chafin is an accomplished musician, songwriter, healer and teacher. Most recently, Vince has turned his attention to Native American, Anasazi and pre-Columbian Aztec Flutes, co-creating with Spirit to bring Beauty, Love and Peace into the world through his music. “I have felt what these sacred instruments do to me, and I have witnessed repeatedly the healing they can bring to others.”

“My Mission is to bring these instruments and their music to as many people as I possibly can.”

Gaia Priestess Drummers

The Gaia Priestess Drummers are currently 5 members of the Gaia Festival community who meet in circle to practice ritual and sacred drumming using mostly frame drums.

Judy Piazza

Judy Piazza has traveled extensively in and out of the country, offering her special blend of spirit, sound, rhythm, and melody to groups in schools, conferences, festivals, theaters, concerts, inauguration events, and more.