Conscious Vendors

Gaia Festival chooses 15-20 vendors and exhibitors each year based on relevance to the festival focus (Earth-based spirituality, mythology, Goddess spirituality, healing).

We’d like to thank each one of our vendor sponsors who help to raise the extra funds needed for Gaia Festival.

Josephine Marie Designs
Josephine Mbugua is coming from Oregon to be at Gaia Festival this year!

Josephine works with the healing power of the stones to create her jewelry. Each necklace is made to help the wearer with healing on a personal and spiritual level. She will also bring some stones and crystals along with her jewelry.

Jessica Martinez – Eyecons
This is Jessica’s first Gaia Festival! EyeCons are metallic powder bindis that you can use over and over again. Eyecon shapes, are delicate laser-cut acrylic stamps designed for cosmetic application. Eyecon colors are natural mineral pigments which create the beautiful glittery Eyecons effect. Visit to order online or get more information.

Elizabeth Harrison – The Mystikal & Magikal Ruby River
This is Elizabeth and Terry’s second Gaia Festival and always a favorite in our LA and SB-based communities!

Healing Tools for Your Sacred Journey
A Brown Harrison Company

We have been providing quality products at the best possible prices through the mail and at Festivals for over 9 years. We specialize in Traditional Incense, (resins, powders, herbs) stick incense, burners, and cauldrons. We offer 50 different Perfume Oils and a variety of diffusers, and we only sell Palm Wax candles. For cleansing and purifying we carry White Sage bundles, Sweetgrass braids and White Sage and Sweetgrass SPRAYS, Colorful Smudging Feathers. We offer tools for working with Chakra energy, Meditation and Ritual items, Tapestries, and Feng Shui items. We offer a complete line of Himalayan Salt products. Salt lamp votive holders, electric salt lamp oil diffusers, salt cubes for a Sole (so-lay) bath, for detoxifying the body. Ceramic salt grinders and refill bags of crystal salt for use in cooking. Order on-line at or call us at 714-991-4287.

Amy Seeman, Teeccino Herbal Coffee
– America’s Favorite Coffee Alternative,

Nijel Binns, Artist

The Mother of Humanity™ monument is a symbol in
celebration of women, mothers, global peace, and the
human family.

Birth Action Coalition (BAC) – Kimberly Rivers, Co-Founder

The Birth Action Coalition believes the birth journey is an essential expression of human dignity that requires informed and empowered partnerships between women, families and healthcare providers. Through projects that educate and advocate, The Birth Action Coalition will work to create supportive birth environments in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas.

Kimberly and BAC will be showcasing The Red Tent Gallery of birth stories.

Borbala Arvai, BoriDolls Creations

BoriDolls Creations are unique wool dolls made with needle felting. The dolls are made of 100% wool, are eco and child friendly. They are earthy and whimsical. They include earth mamas, fairies, angels, toy dolls and animals. Borbala also makes felted jewelry with recycled vintage beads.

Carolyn Coleridge, Intuitive Soul Healing

Carolyn is an intuitive energy healer and a spiritual counselor. She has been a healer for over 13 years and was trained at Columbia University in York City as a Clinical social worker. She also works as a Spiritual counselor under the Universal life church in California. Carolyn has worked in corporate America coaching executives on Wall Street, for health care organizations, an economic research firm and a film company.

Vendor/Exhibitor Information

Festival Locations:
11/13 (9am-10pm)- Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort,

11/14 (10am-3pm) – Plaza Courtyard/Sotheby’s, 1436 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Gaia Festival 2010 offers high-traffic opportunities for conscious, positive and relevant exhibitors/vendors in front of the main conference hall. Note: tables only, no booths due to space restrictions.

We are not taking vendor applications at this time.